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I am Mateusz Kolasa and you can find me on the Internet using my nickname: IcyMat. I am working as PHP Developer at Polcode. My hobbies are programming and cycling. I am writing my projects using PHP and C#. If you would like to contact with me please use contact form.



Andra is a personal assistant. She can remind about important events, help with organize daily schedule and more. To know more options just ask her :)
Project website

IcyMat OS is a responsive web based operating system. Back-end involves Symfony 3. Front-end was built on Angular.js, and jQuery which provides UX features. Project website

IcyMat OS

Yali is my private Content Management System. It is modular, very fast and building with using modern technologies.


Realization: paweljapolgolf.pl

Golf Paweł Japoł

I prepare design of Paweł Japoł personal website. I was responsible for the selection of hosting and deploy website on that.

Used technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS, JQuery

Realization: english-sce.org.pl

English SCE website

I am working on official English School of Communicative Excellence website.

Used technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS

Realization: kancelariashc.pl

Kancelaria SHC

I am refreshing design of webpage and installation using new CMS system.

Used technologies: PHP, HTML, CSS


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